twicc releases Spotify award winner iOS music app “twicc”


Come across music generated by tweets!!

Music discovery app release after Music Hack Day 2014 Tokyo


Tokyo – August 15, 2014- twicc today announced “twicc” ([twík]), an iOS music application, plays Spotify music tracks matched with tweets on its user’s Twitter timeline. Now twicc app is available on the App Store in the US and in the UK. twicc has received Spotify award at Music Hack Day 2014 Tokyo.


twicc is an iPhone app that analyzes texts of tweet on user’s Twitter timeline, and plays music matched with it, one by one. On twicc, music fans can discover not only popular tunes, but also music tracks out of their imagination, from millions of tracks provided by Spotify.


twicc team has kept on developing and brushing up twicc for months after the hack day. “twicc realizes music discovery with fun and surprise. On twicc, daily communication on Twitter brings music. We hope that twicc makes relationships between people and music more easygoing,” one of twicc’s developers Yusuke Ariyoshi said.





*A spotify premium account and a Twitter account are required to enjoy this application.


About twicc team

twicc is a project team based in Tokyo (Japan), formed at Music Hack Day Tokyo 2014, worldwide hackathon event ( . twicc members, Yusuke Ariyoshi (software developer), Toshiyuki Yasuno (software developer), Hiroyuki Oyama (designer) are working on developing new ways of enjoying music.




Tokyo, Japan

Representative  Yusuke Ariyoshi:


twicc: born at Music Hack Day Tokyo 2014


Hi music fans!!

We are twicc team based in Tokyo. We love music and tech, so it was natural that we participated in Music Hack Day Tokyo 2014 at Harajuku, as creators. Music Hack Day is an exciting hackathon where creators conceptualize, create and present their projects related to music (see’s article). It was memorable that Music Hack Day was held in Japan for the first time. In the result of our presentation, Spotify team favorited our hack (also check Spotify Developer Blog).


twicc connects communication with music

Our project is named “twicc” ([twík]). twicc is an iPhone app, which plays Spotify music matched with tweets in user’s Twitter timeline. twicc analyzes the text of tweet, and call out music from Spotify. Its matching of text and music realizes music discovery with fun and surprise. If your friend tweeted about EDM, you may find Calvin Harris’ sound on twicc. Or else, if your following celebrity tweeted about NBA, you may come across Shaquille O’Neal’s track.

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(More examples are on Twitter & Facebook)

On twicc, your daily communication (on Twitter) brings music. We hope that twicc makes relationships between people and music more easygoing.


twicc will be released this summer

After the hack day, we’ve kept on developing and brushing up twicc. Soon it will debut in the App Store. Wait for several days with your Twitter & Spotify premium account!!


Your twicc team